Adventure Activities in Christchurch

You don’t need to go any further than the gateway to the South Island to get your thrills: check out some of the adventure activities around Christchurch.

It’s no secret that New Zealand is the world’s top destination for adventure tourism.  Beautiful and rugged, and full of ways pump your body full of adrenaline, going on at least one adventure tour is a must-do for any visitor.  And while Queenstown may be the best-known destination for extreme sports, it is definitely not the only South Island destination that will get your blood pumping.  Take a look at these exciting activities around Christchurch: 

Jetboating the Waimakariri

Jetboats were specially designed to navigate New Zealand’s many shallow rivers, and can hit high speeds of up to 85 km/hour.  You definitely don’t want to miss the chance to zip across some of New Zealand’s most spectacular landscapes.  Hassle-free Tours offers full-day and half-day adventure tours from Christchurch, including a thrilling 45-minute jetboat ride through the spectacular Waimakariri Gorge.

Bungee Jumping at Hanmer Springs

New Zealand’s most quintessential adventure sport is, without a doubt, bungee jumping.  Invented in the 1980s, the sport has spread around the country and there are bungee jumps set up all over.  Canterbury’s most popular bungee destinaton is in Hanmer Springs, where the bungee site is a 135-year-old bridge over a gorge.  The jump sends you plunging 35 metres before bouncing back.

Paragliding off the Port Hills

Launch from the Port Hills for a sweeping view of the Southern Alps, Canterbury Plains, Lyttelton Harbour and the bays of Banks Peninsula.  And if gliding over the city isn’t enough of a thrill, some paragliding operators will offer adrenaline-filled flights that include steep dives and tricks.

Skydiving Over Christchurch

You would be hard pressed to find a view better than that had by a skydiver over Christchurch.  From the jagged Southern Alps and Kaikoura Mountain Range to the flat spread of the Canterbury Plains to the deep blue Pacific Ocean, you can see almost everything.  And while the heart-pumping free fall might not be the optimal time to take it all in, you’ll have a few minutes to relax once the chute opens up.

4WD tour of the Canterbury Plains

For an adventure that lets you stay on the ground, check out 4WD tour options around Christchurch.  These rugged, all terrain vehicles can handle off-roading through some pretty rough (and photogenic) landscapes.  Hassle-free Tours combines a 4WD trip through the Canterbury high country with jetboating on the half-day 4WD Jetboat Adventure as well as the full-day Alpine Safari Tour.  Be sure to check it out.

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