Agroventures in Rotorua

Agroventures offers some crazy and breathtaking activities in Rotorua.

got up early to get back to Rotorua where my last adventures were waiting for me. Fortunately, I found Paul in a carpool; He drives from Taupo to Rotorua every morning and with for 20 dollars petrol money he took me with him. I couldn’t take a bus because they were all leaving to late so I would have missed my appointment. With the car I arrived in Rotorua about 8.30am. For five dollars I stored my bag at the isite and made my way to the bus going to Agroventures.
They offer five different activities and you can decide how many and which you would like to try. I decided for Freefall Xtreme and Swoop. You probably have no clue what these things are, so I will explain to you. Freefall Xtreme allows you to float in an air column which is produced by a vertical wind tunnel.

I walked up the building and got prepared for the flight. I had to put on a suit and glasses. I learned how to behave and move in the air column. To prove that I understood everything I had to lie down on a box and show how to form my body. Challenge successfully completed. After that I was ready for the real flight. I had to lie down on the net on the floor and the air stream got stronger and stronger. I started flying up in the air but I couldn’t stay there on my own so the staff helped me and showed me how to move. My face and my hair was flying and shaking around. That felt so weird. The floating in the air was definitely harder and more exhausting than it looked like. After a couple minutes the staff told me the flight was over. I had to pose for a last picture and then made my way to the next activity.

Swoop is a Sky swing in which 1,2 or 3 people are pulled up in the air, their harnesses or seats attached to two cables hanging on tall towers.

I had to walk up to a little platform where I got secured and was put into a kind of bag. I got pulled up in the air, the people on the ground getting smaller and smaller. Hanging around in the air I got a stunning view of the surrounding mountains, meadows and the Agroventure area full of farm animals which you can also visit during your trip to the Agrodome right next door.

The guy on the ground shouted and I knew this was the signal that I had to pull the rope which would make me fall down, almost head first. 3,2,1 PULL. I screamed and fell down, stopping right above the ground. I was swinging around until the staff tried to catch me and get my back on my feet.

Although I did the Bungy Jump the day before, it was a thrilling experience. Especially the fact that you have to pull the cord costs a lot of effort.

Back in the Agroventure office I could have a look at my pictures and watch the videos the GoPros that were attached to my harness and to the staff’s shirt during the Freefall Xtreme, took. They looked really laughable. They were put on a CD so I could take them home with me.

The other activities you can join at Agroventures are Rotorua Bungy, Agrojet and Shweeb. I guess the latter needs to be explained. You lie down in a bullet shaped racing pod and try to pedal as fast as you can to speed up to 50kph on the 200 m long racing track.