All Via Ferrata should include a Waterfall

A waterfall via ferrata is a journey guaranteed to include adventure, exploration and beauty.

I have always been attracted to adventure, exploration and beauty. These three things come together perfectly when combining Twin Falls - a 700m cascading waterfall, Wanaka - New Zealand and via ferrata – a means for accessing this amazing place.

Mark and I began construction of Wildwire waterfall via ferrata in September 2016. This involved building a series of metal ladder rungs and wire bridges alongside the waterfall. Now that we have completed our half-day tour, I truly believe, all via ferrata should include a waterfall! They are so interesting and beautiful. You never quite know what to expect around the next corner. Sometimes it is a meandering stream, sometimes it is a towering waterfall or curving canyon. One thing is for sure, it is always beautiful.

Since receiving registration by WorkSafe NZ in December, we feel so lucky to share this magical place with visitors seeking authentic New Zealand experiences. After learning safety systems, we climb along the metal rungs and cross bridges, right next to the waterfall.  It is spectacular and I especially love how you can find yourself standing meters from spouting rushing water, yet feeling so secure, safe and dry! Our tours are suitable for beginners and families we can’t wait to take you here!

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