Overcoming my skydiving fears

I'm so glad I overcame my fear of heights and went skydiving with NZONE. It was one of the most exciting and empowering experiences of my life. MUST GO!!

After my daughter had such a positive experience skydiving in Queenstown with NZONE Skydive she was adamant that our family should not miss this adventure. For me that was a very difficult request because I have a tremendous fear of heights and don't like the feeling of going fast , or out of control. (I don't ski because I'm afraid of the chairlift.... Won't even go on the Ferris Wheel in an amusement park and never go on roller coasters!!) In my family, I'm the one who holds everyone's sweatshirts and waves from the ground.

We arrived in  Queenstown on a Wednesday and my family's first stop was NZONE Skydive's storefront to confirm their reservation (me excluded!) While there I learned all about the operation and was impressed. The company gained my trust and I decided I was not going to let this opportunity slip away. I signed up to join my family on Friday and stopped by the store twice a day between Wednesday and Friday just to alleviate my fears.  I didn't sleep well in the days leading up to our adventure, but I was determined to face my biggest fear.

We jumped from 12,000 feet and as the plane climbed higher and higher into the air I must admit I was having second thoughts and was terrified. I was the first in my family to jump and it was an indescribable awesome experience. The free fall was 45 seconds, but went so quickly I didn't have time to think. The camera man was taking pictures of me as I was free falling  from the plane....and there I was ...eyes open ..smiling away! Once the parachute opened I was able  to enjoy an aerial view of some of Queenstown's most spectacular views. It was breathtaking and so peaceful.  I always felt safe.

I found it very empowering to face my biggest fear and have a newfound confidence to try other adventurous activities with my family (time for someone else to hold MY sweatshirt!) I am having so much fun now that I am home telling everyone I know that I went skydiving!

I am so happy I chose to go skydiving and did not let my fear stop me.  It is an experience I will remember and talk about for the rest of my life.