Amazing Tour of Routeburn Track, Queens town

A small trip to this beautiful country called New Zealand

Last month, accompanied by my tour guide Mr Oniel Handa from legend Tours & Travel , and I got a chance to hike the eastern endof the Routeburn Track. Hiking along the Flats and up to the spectacular Routeburn Falls.

Considering the day had started out with little drops of rain with a real hope to get it better for a day,  the day turned out to be truly memorable, day which can't be forgotten in your whole life – but that’s Mount Aspiring National Park for you, awe inspiring in all conditions.

Just after parking our car we left for a wonderful trip, there are many sign boards into crossing your typical New Zealand swing-bridge. These are common on most of our walking tracks and provide a cost effective way to cross potentially hazardous waterways,  thus making the hiker’s experience a lot safer and easier. This beauty, is suspended  over the Sugarloaf Stream, that marks the entrance to the Routeburn track and offers great views of the river in both directions.


Firstly we followed a well formed track through an impressive beach forest.  About one hour  walk we planned to move away from the main track and try to follow an older path that runs closer to the river giving us a good chance to view a much older part of the forest with larger examples of the giant beach trees.

Yes, People may have heard or commented about such beautiful sceneries with so many shades of green somewhere in their whole life when they would have visited New Zealand. Well this is one of those places and as we continued the gradual climb, the trail starts to move through large blanketed areas of waist-high fern,  the trunks of the trees sporting lichen and forest moss of every conceivable description. The photograph below is typical of the lush vegetation we move through for a good one and a half hours.

The roar of the Bridal Veil Stream soon interrupts the tranquility of our solitude; used infrequently by folk attempting to canyon down the stream, Bridal Veil certainly is a sight to behold.  Water races down a relatively thin section of what can only be described as a natural water slide. If someone turned off the sound and you weren’t following the track, you could easily fall in and there wouldn’t be any stopping as you hurtled down the incredibly well polished rock surface that snakes down to the river a long way below.

 This is a fantastic walk for those limited by time, but who want to get out into iconic New Zealand wilderness and experience the beautiful Mount Aspiring National Park.  It will truly know what all the fuss is about. For those a litter fitter I strongly recommend taking the extra time to climb to the Routeburn Falls Hut. The views of the waterfall and Routeburn Valley are stunning and well worth while. Thank you so much Mr Oniel and Legend Tour & Travel for experiencing me such a woderfull side of this beautiful world.


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