Archie's first day skiing in Queenstown, age 3

All set with his super fast pink skis and matching purple helmet, three and a bit year old Archie has his first day skiing at The Remarkables, Queenstown.

Hi, my name is Archie and I'm 3 and a bit years old

I'm in Queenstown for the week, and I was hoping to ski for the first time. My mum took me to Outside Sports to get me some skis and a helmet for the week. The nice lady with a name-tag looked me up and down, and disappeared for a little while.

When she came back she looked worried.  "I'm sorry ...", she said, "... but the only skis I have are bright pink....". She didn’t need to worry. Everyone knows that pink is the fastest colour and the fairies on the purple helmet will help protect me as I skid down the slopes. And, of course, pink is my favourite colour.

Up the mountain

The next day we went to The Remarkables ski area with a car full of coats and food and kids. The weather was lovely. It was like being inside with the sun out. There were lots of cars at the top and people everywhere on the snow. I wasn't so sure about this, but I decided to help my dad keep warm by letting him push me up all the hills and run along next to me.
There were lots of people zig zagging everywhere but the skis I had did not turn corners, so I just went straight down the hill every time.

Giving Dad instructions

The snow was cold on my hands so it was easier to just not fall over, or at least, make sure Dad was around before I did. Some times he caught me but sometimes he didn't and I got cold snow everywhere inside my suit. I had to shout at him a little to get him to concentrate and do things properly.

Going higher

Before long, I was really good. Dad said I could probably try the Magic Carpet and ski down from the cafe at the top. It was just a rubber belt with an engine attached. I'll let Dad get a little older before I tell him that it isn't actually magic. It will break his heart. Looking down from the top was really scary, but I knew I had to practice hard so that when Mum and my sister came back from skiing, I could show them how good I was. 

I fell over lots and I had to get cross with Dad again, but after a few more runs, he got the hang of it and I was starting to really have fun. My Mum came back from up the mountain and could not believe how good I was, even though I was starting to get a little tired.

Home time

After some food and hot drink, it was time to go home but Dad didn't realise. I had to shout at him and even cry a little to convince him that home time had been and gone.

I don't remember much about the drive home except that I was tired. Tired and happy.

Love From Archie (with a little help from Mum)

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