Arcing Over a Canyon on the Nevis Swing

Sarah Bond, a Freelance Travel Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand, gives an account of her Nevis Swing experience.

The day that I tried it, two sets of Australian honeymooners took on the Nevis Swing and kept their vows intact.

The home of the Swing is just downhill from the Nevis Bungy pod, and looks like a Thunderbirds control tower.

I walk out on the metal gangway and watch the Australians being suspended from a circus trapeze and swung out across the canyon.

Phil helps me get into my harness, which has more padding than the bungy ones and feels as if it was designed for sitting around in.

He asks me if I want to do anything special. After all, you can swing in virtually any configuration you can think of - forwards, backwards or upside down. My answer...“No, plain vanilla please - head up and feet first.”

A winch system lifts me off my feet and clear of the platform. No countdown for me, the only brave thing I do is ask for a ‘surprise’.

Without warning, instead of plunging straight down, I swing on a 300-metre arc across the Nevis Canyon.

There’s a feeling of weightlessness and you don’t get the same bounce like you do with bungy jumping.

As I’m lifted back to the platform, I have a lot more time to look around; the canyon could easily be used as a set for a Wild West movie.

As I watch my shadow flying back across the valley, all I could think is “Next time I’m bringing Geoff with me....the Nevis Swing has to be twice the fun with two!”

Article by Sarah Bond, Freelance Travel Writer

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"Not only is this the biggest New Zealand Swing, it's the Biggest Swing in the World!!! Serious adrenalin rush!"

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