Arthur's Point – Queenstown’s hidden Gem

Only 4 mins from central Queenstown Arthur's Point is an amazing area to stay in and the perfect base for the ultimate Queenstown experience.

On my last visit to Queenstown I was luckily enough to rent a luxury holiday home in Arthur's Point, and I have to pat myself on the back for doing so!

Arthur's point is really a little hidden gem that connects so quickly to down town Queenstown.

Only a 4 min drive away (or just jump in a taxi or bus) which is closer than many other accommodations in Queenstown, the significant difference being the magnificent views and the quite spaciousness that gives a distinctive rural feel.

The house we booked was called "Gucci house" and it certainly lived up to its name without the price tag! It really was high quality, very cool and excellent value for money.

We booked for a week and were worried about how to get to town if we were drinking but a bus stop is located only 50 metres away from the front door, so we took the bus and then taxied home for a mere $3 per person.

The real surprise about Arthurs Point was that we had some great, fun activities right at our doorstep - so of course we did them and they were all great fun for everyone.

These activities included:

Overall Arthur's Point was an amazing area to stay in yet still connected to everything easily and I highly recommend it as your base for the ultimate Queenstown experience.

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