Bay of Plenty History and Culture

The coastal Bay of Plenty is steeped in rich history and culture.

The coastal Bay of Plenty settlement of Maketu was the landing place of three of the seven waka (canoes) that formed the original migration of Maori to New Zealand.

Start your day by fuelling up at the Avgas Café & Bar at Classic Flyers.  Then spend an hour or two checking out the vintage aircraft and war memorabilia from around the world at the Classic Flyers museum. 

The region’s culture and history, and sacred places like Mauao (Mount Maunganui) and The Elms Mission House, also greatly influence artwork by the local art community.

Step into the past with a visit to The Elms, Tauranga’s beautiful old Mission House.  The Elms Mission House, completed in 1847, is New Zealand’s finest late Georgian home and houses New Zealand’s oldest free-standing library. 

Spend an afternoon visiting the Tauranga Art Gallery, which opened in October 2007. The new gallery regularly hosts national and internationally sourced exhibitions. 

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