Be safe up the slopes this year

While you are dreaming of fresh powder and amazing days up the mountain take a minute to factor in these tips to keep you safe on the slopes!

Your flights are booked.  You have locked in your transport of choice.  You have your ski passes and your accommodation is booked.  Now you are just counting down the days.  So while you are dreaming of the fresh powder and amazing days up the mountain ahead take a minute to factor in these tips to keep you safe on the slopes!

  • Insurance – make sure you have it!
  • Respect others and follow the rules of the mountain
  • If you are a learner plan to take lessons first before heading up the difficult slopes
  • Know your limits
  • Move to the side of the trail if you need to stop – remember that there are people coming down the mountain behind them. You want to make sure you get out of the way for the safety of everyone
  • Stick to marked out trails (don’t try to be adventurous!!)
  • Sunblock – it may be cold, but the winter sun can be harsh
  • Clothing – warm clothes, layers, scarves, gloves, hat, sunglasses/goggles. Don’t wear anything with toggles or loose straps that can get caught up if you fall or in the ski lifts
  • Snacks & Fluids – make sure you have some snacks and water with you. Things such as muesli bars, apples and chocolate bars work a treat!
  • Take a break! If you are getting tired take a break for a bit to re-gain your strength and rest those legs
  • Make sure your boots and bindings are correctly fitted – this will make it easier to ski and will reduce the risk of a sprained ankle. The team at the ski fields will be able to help you with this if you need it
  • If you are still a learner pair up with a friend so you are not alone up there
  • Always check the weather report and when you are up the mountain keep an eye on what the weather is doing
  • If you think a slope or run is becoming too difficult then stop.  If it's still safe to walk, take off your skies or board and walk down until you feel comfortable again!  On steeper terrain you're much safer using the edges of your board or skis to slow yourself down, so think carefully before opting to walk if you're on a steep slope.  
  • Most importantly…………………..HAVE FUN!

Lucy xx