Behind the scenes at New Zealand Rugby Museum

Seeing the world's rugby treasures is a rare treat. Even when you visit New Zealand Rugby Museum, you only see about 2% of the items they hold.

Feast your eyes and make the most of the opportunity to see other special rugby artefacts at temporary exhibitions, because these only see the light of day every 20 years or so, if you're lucky.

A day rarely goes by that New Zealand Rugby Museum doesn't receive a donation of a cap, jersey, ticket, programme, All Blacks momento or other rugby related item.  Behind the scenes all of these items are carefully stored. There are over 500 jerseys - mostly size XXL, and over 13,000 rugby programmes.  Amazing!

New Zealand Rugby Museum is one of Palmerston North City & Manawatu's top ten attractions, the home of the world's rarest rugby artefacts, and New Zealand's heritage told through rugby.


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