Best experience ever!

Free fall, adrenaline and a terrific view. A once in a life time experience which was totally worth it and a must do for everyone! =)

Jumping out of an airplane was my childhood dream. Before I came to New Zealand I knew that I would fulfill it. Queenstown was the perfect location and Nzone the best company for carrying out a skydive.

It was the perfect day to jump out of an airplane as we had sunshine and a complete blue sky without clouds. I was so excited and I could not wait to start the adventure. The Nzone team was great and really friendly. I felt comfortable and secure doing my jump with Nzone. Before we headed off with an airplane I got prepared for the jump and introduced to my camera man and my instructor. After a short interview we got on board and took off. The flight was already amazing to be able to see Queenstown, the mountains and lakes from a total different angle. The height of 15000 ft were achieved, the door opened and I DID IT!

Free fall, adrenaline, a terrific view, ….I can not put my feelings into words but what I can say is that it was the best experience ever! It was totally worth it!

Thank you Nzone for that adventure! Best Team ever! =)

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