Best experience in NZ!

I was so scared in advance but I am so glad that I did this awesome Skydive with Nzone Skydive!

Just an unforgettable feeling!

As I came to New Zealand and I knew I will do a skydive. I just did not know where to do it and which company to choose. With Nzone Skydive as company and Queenstown as location, I definitely made the right decision. I catched the perfect day for a skydive: no clouds at all, only sunshine!

Coming to the dropzone of Nzone Skydive, I was warmly welcomed, I got to know my instructor and my camera-man (yes, each skydiver gets his own camera-man! I didnt know that before). I then got all my equipment (jumpsuit, helmet, glasses) and we directly went on the plane. Up at 15,000 ft, I just had an amazing view of the Remarkables, Queenstown and the whole scenery. I was a bit nervous to be honest but the instructor tried to calm me down and gave me a secure feeling.

Jumping out of the plane, was just an awesome feeling. Pure Adrenaline! I think you just have to do the experience to understand how it feels like. I am now thinking about doing it a second time as it was so much fun!
The photos that I got afterwards are just a perfect reminder and the video is excellent as well. Good work camera-guys!
In my opinion, a skydive is something that you have to do once in a lifetime. This epic skydive was my best experience so far.

Thanks Nzone Skydive Queenstown for that much fun!

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