Best Fish and Chips in Auckland

Fish and Chips is New Zealand's favourite snack and one which can be munched upon at any time of the day

Fish and Chips is New Zealand's favourite snack and one which can be munched upon at any time of the day. 'Shark and Tatties' as the Kiwis call it, can be had as an alternative to a boring breakfast, as a mid-afternoon delight, or as something to satiate the unexpected evening hunger. Here are the names of a few outlets in Auckland whose Fish and Chips can be counted among the favourites..

Epsom Fish and Chips

Epsom is known throughout the city for its amazing service and of course its tasty fish and chips. There are plenty of options to choose from, like fish of the day, snapper, tarakihi, gurnard, hoki etc. for the fishes, and chips are flavoured with garlic, kumara chips or wedges. The menu also has an extensive variety of deep fries like oyster, scallop, hash brown, fritters etc. Tasty burgers and sandwiches of steak, ham, bacon, cheese etc. are other options to snack your mouth full.

Palm Beach Fish and Chips

Situated besides the Palm Beach, this Fish and Chips shop is the coolest place to grab a packet. It is usually crowded by the rush of people coming to the beach, but an extensive collection of music and magazines would keep you entertained until you get your order. The burgers here are fantastic, few of which like Palm Beach Fish Burger and Salt and Pepper Chicken Burger, are even more popular than the fish and chips.

Newton Fish & Chippery

Judging by the taste, quantity and overall appearance of the snack, Newton Fish & Chippery is probably one of the best fish and chips restaurants in Auckland. Everything is Kiwi about this place as apart from the tarakihi 'fush and chups', more sumptuous seafood is also available. The parcel containing your food is pricked to let the steam out which keeps the taste fresh. You can also feast on hamburgers, chicken and avocado burgers, bacon burgers.

Fish Pot Cafe

From a place whose motto is ''Our fish slept in the sea last night”, one can always expect freshness in the food served. Fish and Chips available here would actually tell you the the difference fresh fish makes to the taste of the entire dish. The fish has a special crispy batter outside and is served with a fresh crispy salad and deliciously fried chips. Other items like Tarakihi Burger, Potato fritter, battered calamari, Mussels are also carefully prepared to gratify the customers.

Greenwoods Fresh Catch

If there is a thing called perfectly fried fish you can find it here. Greenwoods Fresh Catch is Auckland's favourite takeaway restaurant as the chef here has mastered the technique of cooking fish and chips to immaculately suit the Kiwi taste buds. The best pick off the menu is the snapper. Crumbed scallops, tempura battered prawns, squid rings are other dishes you can't afford not to taste if you are getting your food packed from Greenwoods Fresh Catch.

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