Booking your New Zealand accommodation

Commission-based accommodation booking sites vs tourist directories.

One of the issues when pre-booking accommodation online is finding the best deal on the web.

More and more over the past few years I have been seeing the likes of huge international sites like Trivago, Expedia and dominate the search results when searching for accommodation in New Zealand.

Unlike websites like and for example which are more finder services and take no commission, the larger websites are funded by commission paid by the suppliers on each booking and in fact sometimes as much as 20% commsion is taken by the website operators.

Being an accommodation supplier myself I sometimes find it hard to compete with these large websites in the search engines. I find it even more so when I key in my own accommodation details that these global sites appear before my own website in search results. So my advice is when you are searching for a accommodation, rentals and tours in NZ try a number of different search phrases in Google.

There are a number of smaller companies that offer some really good service and sweet deals. Just because they are not on page 1 or 2 of Google search results does not mean that they are not good operators. It has more to do with the fact that they have not spend the same amount of money on marketing on the web that the likes of Trivago have, who have an advertising budget about the same as other multinationals like the likes of McDonald's.

So my advice is have a good look at the Google search results and go to say as far as even page 6 or 7 in the search results. A little bit of time spent can end up saving you a lot of cash. You may even find something a bit different from the mainstream, plus I think as an accommodation supplier in New Zealand that I would rather offer a great deal direct to the customer who is booking direct with me rather than having to give an incentive to these multinational websites in commission for booking me, just because they have outspent me in web marketing.

If you give yourself enough time to plan your New Zealand holiday you will be rewarded with some unique experiences.

Some good tips for finding a bargain are:

Once you find what you want BOOK IT ASAP as you may miss out!

I have been offered some great deals when making enquiries with companies taking pre-bookings for their busy season.

You can in most cases just pay a small deposit or provide a credit card number to secure your booking.

Most companies do have a cancellation policy so be sure to read up on that first.

Hope this is of help to you all and please enjoy your travels in God's own. 

Sweet As