The Boulevard Arts Market is at 33 Worcester Boulevard in Christchurch is just along from the Botanic Gardens and Christchurch Museum. All NZ Made Items.

The Boulevard Arts Market at 33 Worcester Boulevard in Christchurch is just a short stroll from the Botanic Gardens and Christchurch Museum.   I visited and found the Woodcraft Gallery full of wooden crafted boxes, bowls, gifts and souvenirs.   

I loved the hand crafted ruler made in sections from different woods - reminded me of my school days when we all had wooden rulers.   Beautiful warm hottie covers for these colder Christchurch nights would be lovely.  

The owner was telling me that they have 64 wood crafters from all around New Zealand that contribute unique items for sale in this market.   Its open 7 days a week from 9.30 5o 5pm.    They have gorgeous wooden handcrafted xmas decorations which would be light and beautiful as gifts to take back home. 

Ocean Gems have a beautiful shop here and they have beautiful paua - reminds me of the paua shells I used to collect when I was young and beach camping around New Zealand.   They have beautiful pearls in black and white, and I was greatly taken with the lovely paua shell that has been crafted into a ship - picture attached.

They also sell scarfs, hats, headbands and merino, cashmere and possum which in New Zealand we all love for keeping warm over winter - looking fashionable at the same time.

NZ Book Shop was the next shop I looked into - a bookshop that only stocks New Zealand published books - what a treasure - wonderful books on farming, comedy and all things New Zealand.

What a great find this wee market is -  I will visit again.  

Where to stay in Christchurch

A Luxury Homestay Christchurch is only 15 minutes by vehicle away from the Boulevard Arts Market - we can suggest the easiest way to get there as the bus is only 2 minutes walk from our home or if you have a vehicle there is free parking in the Botanic Gardens. 


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