Bowentown Heads and Pa site- Waihi Beach

When visiting Waihi Beach the trip is not complete without checking out Bowentown Heads and Anzac Bay - the views are stunning everywhere you look.

Bowentown Heads is a strategic lookout across to Matakana Island, out to Mayor Island and down to Mt Maunganui in the south.

Back in the day it was a Maori Pa site that you can still imagine when looking at it today. The trenches are still visible and you can imagine the Maori tribe based there  having such a great vantage point that they were able to see anyone coming from miles around.

The view across to Matakana Island is something else - the distance doesn't look to far probably less than a kilometer but it is a trecherous piece of water - the current really flows through every 6 hours as the tide comes and goes - it is the Bowentown entrance to the Tauranga Harbour and is part of the infamous Bowentown bar.

The views out to Mayor Island are stunning as is the view down to Anzac Bay and the view down to Mt Maunganui. 

Anzac Bay is the place to be if the surf is too rough or you are not a confident swimmer in the surf. It is well protected and is very safe for swimming.

In December on this part coastline the Pohutakawa trees come into blossom and the bays are tree lined with the Kiwi Christmas tree is full blossom - pink flowers surrounded by green leaves - magic!

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