Camping Equipment For NZ Tip #2 - Choosing A Canvas Tent

Here is the second in a series of helpful hints from Kiwi Camping, to help campers make life more enjoyable in New Zealand's fantastic outdoors.

Canvas Tents

Canvas tents are a traditional type of tent, used for years by people camping in New Zealand.  They are incredibly sturdy because of their frame support, and often seem more spacious than the more modern dome tent.  Below is a list of important canvas tent features to ensure you get the best tent for your needs.

1.  Buy For New Zealand Conditions

New Zealand has extremely diverse and changeable weather patterns, and it is vital that the weather has as little impact on your holiday as possible.   To be safe you need to ensure your tent performs to our temperamental conditions.  Therefore try to buy New Zealand tested tents which are designed for a range of elements that you may experience when camping here.

2. Fabric

Buy heavy weight fabric.  A polyester/cotton blend fabric will have a longer life, and usually better performance and strength. Due to our changeable weather patterns it is not easy to be prepared. Buy a tent if possible that comes with a fly as this gives you double the protection and will increase your tents life. Over all this will give you better value for money but at the same time give you more comfort.
Also look for a tent with heavy floor fabric to withstand foot traffic.

3. Air Flow

Look for a tent with higher walls and peak heights, and also assess the number and depth of internal walls and doors to help with airflow.  Comfort and space are key to air flow in a canvas tent.

4. A Tent Fly

You will definitely need a tent fly, at least for the main part of your canvas tent.  A tent fly will keep your tent cooler in hot summer months and warm in cooler evenings. Additional guy ropes on the fly will also help provide extra stability for your canvas tent. The fly also reduces the condensation of the tent and will increase its life span.  

5. 3-way and Skylite Windows

Three way windows are important.  3-ways means there is a zipped clear PVC cover on the outside (this will protect you from rain), mesh sewn in middle, and an internally zipped privacy window on the inside. Skylite windows have a fixed clear PVC cover on the outside and a zipped privacy window on the inside. Working together these give you light when it is wet outside.

6. Strength and Stability.

You will need metal pegging D’s for extra strength and stability. These are what hold’s your tent to the ground.

Also look for quality zips, guy ropes and poles to ensure your tent will last.

7.  Guarantee

Lastly, check any warranties or guarantees, these ensure you can rely on the product to last.  Good camping equipment should provide between a 1-5 year guarantee if they use top quality materials and features.


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