Come Dine (in) With Us . . .

Work smarter not harder in the quest for restaurant quality food at home.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this latest article is going to be all about the plethora of tempting Taupo restaurants and eating emporiums offering a veritable smorgasboard of tempting culinary delights. Not so......

What about the times when you just want to stay home and entertain friends and family? How can you create a restaurant quality meal without slaving away in kitchen purgatory?

Want to know the secret?....It's simple, by purchasing from the wealth of awesome, dedicated local suppliers right here in Taupo!

First stop is 'The Merchant' a real jewel in Taupo's culinary crown. Dale and his merry band of Food Fanatics have got the 'One Stop Shop' thing all sewn up.

Whether it's an amazing Antipasto platter you're after, or a decadent dessert option is what you seek (such as the cute little chocolate pots just calling out for a yummy filling) chances are you will find it here whilst you peruse the shelves that heave with everything from dressings to drinks and more besides.

The staff ooze enthusiasm and a love of all things edible so it's a great place to get the ball rolling....

Another way to  'Work Smarter, Not Harder' is to visit the ever popular Riverside Market. A relaxed and pleasureable Saturday morning can be spent meandering between a range of stalls, whilst cunningly doubling up as 'research' for the impending 'At Home Dining Extravaganza.'

There is a real sense of pride and emphasis placed on the fact that so much of the available products are local, either grown, made or sourced in and around the district.

There is so much to see and sample here that it is rather tricky to remain focused on the quest at hand.

Immediately catching the eye is the Freshbake stall. On display is a stunning array of (as the name suggests...) freshly baked Artisan breads including; ciabatta, focaccia and sourdough which even I know that when teamed with a couple of simple and effective infused oils, will definitely whet guest's appetites.

Cue a swift panoramic sweep to spy the intriguingly named 'Short Grumpy Chick.' Now that's got to be worth a look! Specialising in gluten, egg and dairy-free options of sweet and savoury treats, there's something yummy to suit everyone!

So, it really is a huge testament to Taupo's wealth of quality food and beverage outlets that we haven't even touched upon the main course and this leaves you (lovely reader) to go forth and seek out your own local gems and post them here.

Where's best for meat? Who sells the freshest, juiciest fruit and vegetables? Where do you shop for value for money?

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