Cool Hurunui Hangouts

The Hurunui District is a great place to chill out, relax and unwind. It's full of unknown secrets...

Some of the secret and unknown corners of the Hurunui district include -


Balmoral Reserve - Hurunui
Do you like camping? Do you like to see the night stars? Head to Balmoral Reserve (at Hurunui) to camp by the Hurunui River.


Waiau River
Great for fishing and even better for some traditional water fun over summer. Pack the togs and head to Waiau.


Chamberlain Park - Amberley
This tranquil park is fantastic for picnics and relaxing under tall trees. Check out the bird aviary, peer through the windows of the historic cob cottage and have fun on the playground.


Motunau Beach
A popular holiday location, perfect for getting away from everything for a couple of days. Rent a bach and catch fresh fish for the BBQ!


The Gore Bay Tourist Drive
This scenic drive takes you along the surfing beach of Gore Bay, up hills past Cathedral Cliffs and through historic Port Robinson. There is plenty to explore.


Rutherford Reserve - Culverden
A perfect spot for a stroll or for the kids to let off some steam. The short loop track takes about 30 minutes.


St Anne’s Lagoon - Cheviot
Pack up the car and kids, head to Cheviot to St Anne's Lagoon which is a picturesque reserve perfect for a family picnic. Enjoy walking amongst the extensive oak trees.



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