Couldn't wait to get here. Don't want to leave

Fleurs Place, Moeraki, Waitaki District (North Otago). Best seafood restaurant in the world!

Fleurs Place may be famous but it ain’t fancy.

There’s no snooty joker on the door but there is plenty of writing. The door’s covered with messages from happy diners, some well-known, all well-fed.

  • “Couldn’t wait to get here. Don’t want to leave.” (Jason Gunn.)
  • “Beautiful whitebait. Thanks and peace.” (Dave Dobbyn.)
  • “Thanks Fleur. Great place. Great food.” (That’s the playwright, Roger Hall.)
  • “Fleur, you are awesome. This place is the greatest.” (And that’s what the U.S.A. Senior Women’s Curling Team thinks.)

Fleur (who was made a member of the N.Z. Restaurants Hall of Fame in 2007) opened this “awesome place” in 2002 and the writing’s been on the wall, well, door, ever since.

“It’s all word of mouth,” she says. “To win awards you’ve got to have soup bowls without chips. It’s O.K. if you get something out of the blue.”

That’s where much of her menu comes from. Moeraki’s always been a fishing base. “This place is ruled by the fish and the seasons,” says Fleur.

“The other day we had dolphins in the bay. Next day, there were 3 Orcas. You could see their big white eyes.”

Imagine watching Orcas while you enjoy a great meal on the balcony. It makes your mouth water enough to break any drought.

Official opening time is 10.00 a.m. but if you’re a fisherman who’s “been out all night you can just come in whenever for a beer.” That’s how it is at Fleurs Place. And people love it.

FLEURS PLACE: On the wharf at Moeraki
PHONE: 03 439 4480


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