Why Wellington is the craft beer capital

Wellington is without a doubt the craft beer capital of New Zealand.

Wellington is the craft beer capital. When it comes to beer, Wellington’s into quality over quantity. We like craft beer, AKA the fancy stuff.

Unscientific estimates calculate that about 40-50% of all craft beer in New Zealand is consumed in the capital of cool, hence earning it the reputation as the country’s craft beer capital. There’s a bevy of bars catering to the craft beer connoisseur, all within a hop’s throw of each other.

It will never be hard to find a bar with a great selection of beer in Wellington. In fact, we have a craft beer trail. Use the interactive online map designed especially so you can sus out exactly where to go and what’s around. Otherwise download a PDF map which you can print out and take with you as you explore the craft beer capital. By tasting all the best craft beer we have to offer you can get yourself stamps and go into a prize draw! Learn more about the Craft Beer Trail Competition.

We recommend a wee visit to:

Wellington even has the largest annual beer festival in the country held here every August, Beervana, where you can get better acquainted with the finest craft brews in Australasia, and top cuisine to match. In 2012, Beervana had 271 brews from 96 breweries!

Check out some brews to make friends with in Wellington:

  • Parrot Dog
    Three young blokes called Matt have taken the Kiwi craft beer world by storm after their first commercial brew took out the Peoples Choice Award at Beervana 2011.
  • Garage Project
    Garage Project is a beer project that started in a garage. They prove good things brew in small batches.
  • Yestie Boys
    A multi-award wining concept brewing company
  • Tuatara
    Founded in 2000 by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the tastebuds of a wine critic, Tuatara had gone from backyard brew to the 32nd fastest growing company in the land.

Wellington has a growing number of bars that specialise in serving quality craft beers. The local brews are front and centre, but you can also taste distinctive beers made by independent micro-breweries from New Zealand and around the world.


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