Daylight Savings - Lighter Nights, More Adventure Time!

Lisa Laity, local freelance blogger, shares why the Great Lake Taupo region is the place to be as the weather heats up.

Summer in Great Lake Taupo is an awesome time. The main swimming beach hums with locals and visitors armed with inner tubes, floaties, kayaks and paddleboards (SUP) all looking to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the great lake.

Likewise, the region’s adventure operators often extend their opening hours to cater for the influx of visitors and make the most of the lighter, warmer nights and why not cram as much adrenaline into one day as you possibly can?

The team at Taupo Bungy and Cliffhanger are happy to extend their operating hours until 7pm, by prior arrangement. So if you’re knocking off work at 5pm, fear not there may still be time for a cheeky adventure hit before dark. Pick up the phone and give them a bell, they’re a pretty accommodating bunch.

Not surprisingly, as the mercury rises, the number of thrill seekers opting for the iconic water touch bungy rises. What a way to wake yourself up, cool off and enjoy the refreshing waters of the mighty Waikato than by submersion head first. Chances are high there will also be someone floating down the river or standing on the bank to cheer you on, as the Waikato River is a popular summer spot for locals and visitors alike.

Summer seems to bring with it an upbeat, relaxed and social vibe and the Great Lake Taupo region serves it up by the bucket load. Whether you opt to dine lakeside at one of the many restaurants, bars and eateries along the main drag, grab a few buddies, a picnic rug and some fish and chips and head lakeside or fire up the BBQ at home, the longer nights, warmer temperatures and smell of summer are definitely worth getting excited about.

The majority of the region’s adventure operators run year-round, so fear not, there is no shortage of experiences waiting for you. So start planning your summer escape now.

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