Delightful. Diverse. Waiheke Island.

Want to shake those winter blues? Here's a one stop guide to getting out and active.

A winter day trip to waiheke island is the best way to escape the city and re-juvenate your mind, body and soul. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, most of us feel a little ‘blah’...

Ask any health professional how to  ‘shake them winter blues’ and they’ll recommend a to-do list. Follow this prescription for Waiheke magic and fresh sea air and it won’t fail to your lift your spirits!

1. Exercise

The island is 19kms of coastal beauty trimmed by golden sandy shorelines, fragrant bush walks as well as conservation trails offering walkers many opportunities to explore. Getting out and about on foot is one of the best ways to get a real feel for the island and will allow you to discover much of what makes Waiheke so special.

2. Socialise

Bring a friend...or three.  Make a date with friends or family lucky enough to live on Waiheke Island.  Enjoying the expedition with people special to you can only enhance the memories.

3. Eat a healthy diet

From haute cuisine to mouth-watering comfort food (healthy for the soul) discover a variety of food from vineyard eateries to village cafes. Fish and chips on the beach or fine dining in award-winning restaurants. You choose.

4. Take alcohol in moderation

Board a Fullers Taste of Waiheke or Wine on Waiheke tour with like-minded winter shakers!  You’ll need to book in advance but it will be well worth it.

5. Treat yourself

Buy something local. The island has always attracted talented free-spirited artisans who create and exhibit on the island. Painters, ceramicists, sculptors and jewellery makers are just a few of the working artists whose craft can be found in the Waiheke Community Art gallery, studios, gift stores and the weekend market at Ostend.

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