Denniston Experience

Denniston Experience - heritage with stunning views

The new Denniston Experience provides a unique Underground Union Experience. 

Your journey begins with a train ride along the spectacular Waimangaroa George, over the spectacular  'Banbury Arches' and into the historic 1880s Banbury coal mine.

The unique interactive underground mine experience will take you back in time to relive the traditions and culture of life at the coal face. Deep inside the mine you will wander around the old coal workings listening to the sounds of the mine and discovering the lost language of banjos, sprags and devils. You may even meet 'Peppers ghost'.

The Twilight Descent tours operate over the Summer Season. Take a guided bus trip from Westport to the plateau. Enjoy a guided walk around the Brake Head, participate in The Underground Union Experience tour, relax while cooking your barbeque and watch the sun set over the Tasman Sea.

Plenty to do!

There is plenty to do up on the Denniston Plateau with a wide range of newly updated facilities.  Fantastic interpretation displays showcase the amazing Denniston Incline, considered by locals at the time as 'the eighth wonder of the engineering world'.

There is also to a vast range of existing  walking, hiking and mountain biking trails. Denniston has a variety of walking tracks that weave their way through the spectacular plateau landscape and through the remnants of the abandoned Denniston township. Stretch your legs with a 30 minute stroll or take a small pack and venture out for a pleasant half-day hike.

Denniston is the perfect location for mountain biking, offering nine exciting rides. Track surfaces vary from gravel roads to rocky tracks and some short walking sections.

Denniston is just a short drive from Westport on the West Coast. Travel along State Highway 67 to Waimangaroa, 15km north of Westport. Turn right and follow the scenic road to the top of the plateau. It takes approximately 25 minutes from Westport and all roads are sealed.

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