Devonport in the Winter School Holidays

Now what could make a visit to Devonport Auckland's historic village even better? Segway tours of course! Learn the rich history and have fun riding!

Exploring the Forts of the 1880's

When I was younger, I often found myself exploring my own little village of Devonport in the school holidays and finding out about the military history. It always stimulated my imagination seeing the relics from a bygone era that were built into the mountains and all so close to home. Though it may seem very small here, there is a lot going on, much to be learnt and many sights to be seen, especially the views from the summit of our volcanic cones Takarunga/Mt.Victoria and Maungauika/North Head.

Something for everyone

People from both out of town and our own village get something out of exploring here. It could be as simple as admiring the picturesque Victorian villas, swimming at one of our great local beaches (that's in the summer months of course, unless you're a hardy local!) or more exciting like exploring the tunnels and gun emplacements of the Military Fort of the 1880's.

What could make it even better

Why Segways of course! Tours and rides are incredibly popular around the waterfront, beaches and volcanic cones of Devonport. You learn about the rich military history and see the sights in a very efficient, less time consuming way, as you can cover a lot more ground on a Segway. And if that wasn't enough, there's the added bonus of having fun! It's just such a blast for the whole family!

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