Swimming with dolphins in the Marlborough Sounds

Dolphins bring salty tears of joy! Dolphin Swimming a must do, it should be on your bucket list, every one should experience it at least once!

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the wonderment of wild dolphins jumping and playing in their natural world?  Just imagine the excitement of slipping into the water in a wetsuit.... and there right before your very eyes dolphins playfully circling and whizzing past you.  For some reason people have a natural attraction to dolphins and dolphins have a pro-found effect on humans. 

On our Picton Dolphin cruises we regularly get reactions such as screaming, speechlessness, uncontrollable laughing and even tears.....it’s quite something to see.  (Just imagine what the Dolphins think of all this fuss).  Dolphins are one of the few truly “wild” animals that choose to play and interact with humans...totally entrusting and friendly. 

The Dolphin experience is not just for tourists and backpackers; it’s something every Kiwi should take the time to include in their top 10 things to do in life.  We regularly get people telling us this is one of the best things they have experienced or "We wish we’d done this years ago."  

For people it is about getting out of our urban jungles and back to nature, something strong in man’s past and missing from our frantic and busy lives.  I can still remember the first time we took our 2 children to see dolphins, their smiles were indeed priceless....and they still talk about it.

Life is short, enjoy each day, live your dreams and experience the wonderment of dolphins, natures own gift in the beautiful sheltered waters of the Marlborough Sounds.