Dolphins in New Zealand, wild and free!

The wild dolphins of the Marlborough Sounds are truly a special sight to see.

The Marlborough Sounds are alive with dolphin activity all year round. The past few months have been particularly exciting with dolphins seen everywhere in its calm and sheltered waters.

Dusky Dolphins have been super active and continue to feed in the inner sounds, right outside of Picton. Hector's Dolphins have stuck to their favourite bays, delighting visitors and locals with their cheeky personalities and even Orca paid us a visit, coming right into the Picton harbour!!

To top it all off, the famous mother and calf Bottlenose dolphin duo continue to surprise locals and visitors, with stories of 'special moments'  with these two circulating the sounds grapevine. From yachties to fisherman, few can resist the charms of our beautiful wild dolphins!

The fact we have no captive dolphins in this country is becoming an increasing reason for visitors and locals to choose to have their dolphin experiences here in NZ. From swimming to viewing its no longer appealing to see dolphins confined to their concrete cages as they are in many parts of the world. After watching movies like 'The Cove' or 'Blackfish' the story behind where these captive dolphins came from is now all too obvious.For the naturally curious and highly intelligent dolphins, this is wonderful news as the ball is now in their court. They choose if they wish to interact with us and they remain wild and free with their pod.

As New Zealanders we are very proud of being a country and region that is setting such a fabulous example of respectful dolphin interactions. Next time you are out in your boat or on a tour that encounters dolphins, do spare a thought for their overseas cousins that are not so lucky and living their lives in aquariums. What do you prefer?