Dunedin in 2 days

So what’s there to do and to see in Dunedin in 2 days? Lots, that’s for sure - Have a look at my suggestions and you might find something you like!

  • Start of by enjoying a stroll through the city and taking in its atmosphere: From the Octagon, Dunedin’s centre, to the famous railway station, New Zealand’s most photographed building.

  • You might want to head to the Otago Museum for some historical or cultural background on NZ, the Maoris and the Otago region. If that is not what you like, take a tour at Cadbury World, or the famous Speight’s brewery, however you prefer.

  • For some lunch, come back to the Octagon where you will find lots of restaurants and cafes that offer great food and a nice spot for some midday sun.

  • Enjoy the atmosphere and take in the vibe of the city. If you like burgers, don’t miss out on the velvet burgers in town, you will love these!

  • In the afternoon, head down to Dunedin’s North East Valley, to work off your lunch by walking up Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest street. After this struggle, enjoy a nice view over the city and the Otago Peninsula from the top of Signal Hill.

  • Your second day should definitely be spend on the beautiful Otago Peninsula with its green, hilly scenery and Dunedin’s best wildlife viewing. Just take a drive on Portobello Road, the scenic road just along the waterside. You will come along some beautiful spots.

  • On your way back, make sure you turn into Highcliff Road for more breathtaking views! It also takes you to a spot you should not miss while in Dunedin: Sandfly Bay. This is one of my favourite spots! A beautiful, secluded beach surrounded by dunes, with sea lions resting in the sand along the beach and Yellow Eyed Penguins coming ashore at dusk.

  • If you would like to spot the rare Yellow Eyed Penguins that are the world’s most endangered penguins, watch the penguins from the hide-outs at the end of the beach in the late afternoon.

  • When driving off the peninsula, go down to St. Clair Beach for some coffee in one of the cafes/restaurants along the esplanade. If it’s a nice day, you might even be able to go for a swim or a surf!

  • After so much sightseeing, you might just enjoy a relaxed afternoon by strolling along George Street with all its great shops, taking in the student culture by wandering around the campus with its historic buildings or simply enjoying a walk through Dunedin’s Botanic Gardens.

  • For a great dinner, head to Angus Steak House, one of Dunedin’s best places for some NZ lamb or steak. Later this place also turns into a great nightlife spot thanks to its MoonBar.

  • To encounter Dunedin’s nightlife, head to the Octagon, where restaurants turn into bars at night and more clubs downstairs. Entry fees are a rarity, so just hop from one to another, there is something for everyone!

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