Duntroon Blacksmith

Drop in to Nicol's Blacksmith Shop in Duntroon for a taste of our Colonial past..

Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop, Duntroon has been part of village life for over 100 years.

The blacksmith shop with its typical weatherboard construction and earthen floor is located on an old coaching route, in the small rural village of Duntroon. It is an experience waiting to “wow” the Waitaki Valley traveller.

Today’s visitors proudly talk of stopping and “discovering” this relic from the past.
It typifies what was once common throughout the country but is very rare today. Farming and transport was reliant on the power of the horse and it was the skill of the blacksmith that shod the horses and maintained the machines.

When you enter the dark interior all your senses are awakened. You hear the ringing of the anvil. You can feel the heat from the fire. You can smell and even taste the smoke from the coal fired forge. You see the sparks fly when the blacksmith’s hammer hits the white hot metal on the anvil.

Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop is the only easily accessible ‘authentic village blacksmith’ in New Zealand with a Category One Classification from New Zealand’s Historic Places Trust.

Nicol’s Blacksmith Historic Trust is currently restoring this heritage attraction.

The Waitaki District is proud of its Victorian agricultural heritage. Other “Must See Attractions” include Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct with the Harbour Board Building, Criterion Hotel, Smith’s Grain, Loan and Mercantile Building, the Oamaru Harbour along with Totara Estate, Clark’s Flour Mill and Kurow’s Heritage Museum to name a few.

Oamaru and District is proud of its Victorian agricultural heritage. Famous for its large farming Estates which grew quality wheat and exported it through the port of Oamaru, it gradually changed to farming sheep and sent the first frozen meat from New Zealand to the UK from Totara Estate. Today it is dairy farming.

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