Eco Adventure in New Zealand

Experience an Eco-adventure through the most spectacular locations in New Zealand.

For the Eco-conscious traveller New Zealand may seem like a faraway destination, involving long travel times not always environmentally friendly options. But don't fear, once in New Zealand there are Eco adventure opportunities around every corner, with environmentally friendly processes and procedures along the way. Here we are highlighting some of the best, but in no way all, of the Eco activities in Aotearoa.

Fly through the trees and reconnect with nature in Rotorua at the award winning Rotorua Canopy Tours. Here you will learn about the New Zealand forest ecosystem, the native wildlife, the threats and what is being done about it. You will also experience what it is like to be high up in the untouched forest canopy, 40 metres above the forest floor. Rotorua Canopy Tours have a conservation project called the Forest Restoration Project underway, where a portion of every visitor’s fee goes back into trapping pests, and returning the Dansey Scenic Reserve to a pest free state. There are also a wide range of business and individual sponsors on board with the project, sponsoring traps and equipment in the pest eradication process.

From the extremes of flying through the air experiencing nature, head underground into the caves at Waitomo, located in the centre of the North Island or New Zealand. New Zealand has its own native species of glow worm, a small carnivorous larvae which attracts food by glowing. Witnessing these glow worms will make your jaw drop - their natural beauty is indescribable. These glow worms are found in caves and under overhangs, and there is no better place to see them than in the underground cave networks at Waitomo. The caves have water running through the bottom, which means you can black water raft through the cave networks, or walk along the manmade boardwalks if you want to keep your feet dry.

While in the South Island, be sure to stop off in Kaikoura, a stunning seaside town featured around its love of the ocean. Kaikoura often hosts the world’s largest dolphin the Orca and is home to the world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphin the Hectors. Book a trip with Whale Watch Kaikoura to be taken to see the Giant Sperm Whale in its natural environment, the Kaikoura Canyon of the Pacific Ocean. On one of these tours you are also likely to witness New Zealand Fur Seals, the endangered Wandering Albatross, and pods of Dusky Dolphins. You may also see Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, and Pilot Whales depending on the season. For the bird lovers Kaikoura is home to the largest concentration and variety of seabirds on mainland New Zealand including numerous species of Albatross, Petrels and Shearwater.

These are only a few of many New Zealand attractions suitable for the eco-conscious traveller, or those wanting to enjoy and experience nature in all its glory. A visit to New Zealand will be filled with nature loving activities at every step of the way - come and see for yourself!

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