Enhance your Routeburn Track Experience

‘No Hassle Adventuring’ is at a whole new level on the Routeburn Track, thanks to Easyhike's Routeburn Essentials Package

While on the Routeburn Track you see so many people who commit their time and energy to being in this magical place, but do so without the right knowledge and/or gear to give their walk the X factor.  What a waste!

Why do so many people waste this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity by not being prepared as much as they could be?

  • They don't have the correct Informaiton

One theory – people just aren’t informed.  While the information is out there, either it isn’t found, or is ignored.  So read on for tips about what to take (and not take!) on the Routeburn Track to enhance your experience.

Easyhike have put together a free Great Walk Cheat Sheet (email sign up at www.easyhike.co.nz), gear planning lists and last minute check lists for easyhike.co.nz visitors who show interest in the track or book their car relocation service.

  • They don't have the ideal food or gear for the task 

These days our time is valuable to many of us, and when we are travelling, we want to spend as much as we can actually experiencing the place we have put so much effort into visiting.  For a lot of people, this experience does not include carrying hiking gear across the world for just 3 days out of their 2 week vacation - or running about Queenstown, gathering hiking equipment and the best hiking food options and ending up with a backpack bigger and heavier than it needs to be.

What’s most important for you – Time? Experience? Money? Your ideal balance of all three?

Most of us; who value our travel time, consider it smart to spend a little extra NZD on quality food/gear that is lighter to carry 32 km over the mountains.  Quick/easy/tasty/lightweight food tops off a great day in the outdoors and when it is delivered already packed up to our accommodation the day before – ideal!  

  • Sense of Adventure

All this goes hand in hand with a sense of adventure, of course.  Take one of them along with Easyhikes Routeburn Essentials package plus the correct information and no matter what the weather, the Routeburn Track rarely disappoints. 

How do we know this?  Customer feedback.  If you want to read another travellers views, click here for Young Adventuress’s Routeburn Track blog.

For more information about Easyhike's Routeburn Essentials package – click here.

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