Enjoy sailing on Lake Rotoiti

Sailing on a catarmaran on Lake Rotoiti is an experience not to be missed. Wonderful scenery, luxury yacht and great crew.

Lake Rotoiti is a land locked picturesque lake near Lake Rotorua in New Zealand's western Bay of Plenty. Rotorua is surrounded by lakes, but Lake Rotoiti is my favourite.

It is a serpentine shape so there are many new vistas round each bend. We enjoyed an eco-sailing experience aboard the catarmaran Tiua, owned and operated by Pure Cruise, and pure cruising it is.

We departed from Okawa Bay. The springtime sun was warm enough for us to sit on the deck on comfortable bean chairs. Despite there being a strong wind the day we sailed, I was not aware of any wave motion.

The vessel sailed smoothly. Matt and Tina are great hosts, describing points of interest, Maori history and serving yummy food. An added bonus is the soak in the natural hot pools or spa on the side of the lake.

Nicara Lakeside Lodge is on Lake Rotorua, the adjacent lake to Rotoiti, just a short drive to Okawa Bay. But to make a special day even more special, our guests can board a floatplane from Nicara Lodge’s jetty, fly over the lakes and land on Lake Rotoiti, beside the catamaran.

What a fabulous memory of your Rotorua stay.

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