Famous New Zealand landmarks

New Zealand is rich with scenic views and landmarks. Some of its most famous landmarks are The Sky Tower, One Tree Hill and the Beehive in Wellington.

Tourists are drawn to New Zealand by the country’s lush natural splendour. This small country located in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean has scenic vistas incomparable to any others. New Zealand consists of two large islands; the North and South Island and a handful of tiny sub-islands. Both islands are rich in culture and history and proud of its ruggedly gorgeous terrain. There is a wide range beaches, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, forest and subterranean caves.

Aside from its history and culture, New Zealand is home to a number of incredible landmarks which became a favorite among tourists. Here are the top 5 famous landmarks in the country:

Sky Tower – This can be found in Auckland, stands 1,076 feet high and the tallest building in New Zealand. Here you can do a lot of things like take a walk around the SkyWalk at 629 feet or take a glass elevator to one of the three viewing platforms, book a table at Orbit; a revolving restaurant. You can also try bungee jumping off their 629 foot pergola.

One Tree Hill – This is one of the tallest volcanic peaks in the city of Auckland. Known as the This Māungakiekie, it is also a sacred memorial ground for the Maori settlers. It used to have a single totara tree at the top but in the late 1800’s it was replaced by a pine tree. In the end of the 20th century the tree was attacked and destroyed twice and currently does have a tree.

The Beehive – This building is located in Wellington and New Zealand’s parliament building. It stands as the national symbol of the country. This 10-story building was designed by a Scottish architect in a shape of an actual beehive. Found here are the offices of the Prime Minister and offices of the other cabinet members.

Moeraki Boulders –  found on the Otago coast in the South Island. There perfectly spherical rock formations are not boulders technically but concretions exposed by erosion. According to Maori legend, this is a wreckage from a giant canoe. Visitors who came to see this landmark are allowed to touch and climb on the rocks.

Tane Mahuta – The term means ‘King of Forest’ in Maori and is called to the largest kauri tree in New Zealand. It was estimated to be about 2300 years old and can be found by hiking Waipoua kauir Forest Sanctuary on the North Island. 

These are just some of the country’s famous landmarks and tourists attractions. For such a small country, New Zealand is packed with beautiful sights and landmarks.


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