Fantastic Horse Trekking Opportunities With The Big Dry

What do drought like conditions offer for horse trekking?

The annual Pukeokahu Horse Trek was held this weekend just gone, the 2nd and 3rd of March. Pukeokahu is the name of a hill country district east of the central North Island town of Taihape.

With about 35 riders turning up from outside the district to take part in a couple of big days in the saddle, this event has become firmly one of the better fund raising horse treks around the central North Island.

Both myself, and many other River Valley staff, were lucky enough to ride on the second day, with in all 10 River Valley Stables horses on the ride. This day's trek was over the top of 3300' (1000 metre) high Pukeokahu, the dominant hill that gives the district it's name.

What Stood Out Most For Me?

Three things really stood out.

  1.     Just how good the River Valley Stables horses really are, no doubt due to the time the Stables crew put into training them using Natural Horse Training techniques. Even experienced trekkers commented on how the Stables horses were a credit to the training they were given.
  2.     The dramatic landscape we rode over, accentuated by the impact of the drought we are currently experiencing.
  3.     The way small rural communities come together for these sorts of events. This particular event was raising funds for our local school (11 pupils) and most of the community was involved in some way

With early Autumn now upon us, now would be a good time to experience not only a well trained horse, but also this present landscape of unusually harsh, but beautiful contrasts. Treks range in duration from 2 hours to several days. Another option is to take a horse riding holiday using River Valley Lodge as a base.

You can find out more about what River Valley Stables treks are available by clicking here.

Many of these treks are unavailable after the end of April, so make the most of the limited time left this season.

Brian Megaw

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