First December at Mission Bay

My first swim in New Zealand, on the first day of December at Mission Bay, having a stunning view of Rangitoto, the youngest volcano in New Zealand.

Finally! The main reason why I came to New Zealand woke up yesterday. The sun! At first I was a bit skeptic. I trusted it before and I was betrayed. In the middle of the day it suddenly disappeared behind dark grey clouds. I had to walk back home without an umbrella, without a jacket, but in shorts and shirt.

Yesterday I woke up and was surprised. The sun was up and it seemed to be a nice day. Perfect weather to spend the first December on the beach in Mission Bay. However, when I left the house I couldn’t believe it. The wind was so strong and cold I was freezing. Nevertheless, I stayed strong which turned out to be a good decision. As soon as I arrived at Mission Bay there was no wind anymore, the sea was calm and waveless. I put sunscreen on, a precaution you shouldn’t underestimate, even if you don’t tend to get burned. The ozone hole over here makes the sun so much more dangerous without you even noticing. You should definitely have 30+ sunscreen with you- not only in the bottle, but on your skin!

I lay down on the warm sand full of shells and enjoyed my stunning view of Rangitoto,which is, with its age of 600 years, the youngest volcano of New Zealand. I wasn’t the only one who chose Mission Bay as the best place to spend the Sunday. Many different people enjoyed their free time in the sun. Some of them were rather relaxed, lying on the sand getting a nice tan, others were playing volleyball or soccer on the beach and another group sat on the grass on top of the beach having a barbecue that made me jealous. Whatever you like best, Mission Bay is a place that makes you feel like your on holidays. Although it is still the beginning of summer, the water was perfectly temperate to enjoy my first swim in New Zealand.

If you don’t like the beach but still want to be close to the sea, Mission Bay offers you a long promenade full of restaurants and bars where you will definitely find a place that offers your favorite drink and serves you delicious food while you enjoy your view of the bay.

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