Five Free Taupo Favourites

We’ve made a list of five of our free favourites that you should do when in Taupo, New Zealand.

Taupo’s central location puts you right in the middle of the best activities and attractions New Zealand has to offer. And the best part about the Taupo region is that there are so many fantastic free things you can do!

Huka Falls

There’s a reason this is consistently ranked #1 of attractions in Taupo on TripAdvisor. The Huka Falls is not only one of the most visited natural attractions in New Zealand, but it is also the largest falls on the mighty Waikato River. The Waikato River is normally 100 metres wide but here 220,000 litres of water each second is squeezed through a 15 metre wide hard volcanic ledge and over a 11 metre drop. It truly is a powerfully spectacular experience. The Huka Falls is only a 10 minute drive north of Taupo and there are some great walks and viewing platforms available.

Huka Honey Hive

Close to Huka Falls, this place is a sensory experience all based around bees and honey that will leave you “buzzing”. You can view bees through glass hives, taste yummy honeys and gourmet honey ice cream for free, and purchase a range of honey based skin care, natural wellness products, honey wine, and loads of other honey themed items.

Spa Park Hot Pools

A must do for all visitors to the Taupo region is this free natural hot pool just a few kilometres out of Taupo. The steaming hot Otumukeke Stream pours down a hillside then mixes in with the Waikato River to create a natural water paradise. You’ll also find steaming mini-waterfalls and hot pools above the river level. A great way to experience natural New Zealand like a local.

Wairakei Geothermal Power Station

This is the first commercial power station in the world to use hot water a the source of steam that is used to drive the turbines. It  creates enough electricity to supply Taupo, Rotorua and Hamilton. This is a unique experience allowing you to go inside the powerstation to see the different turbines, condensers and generators, and don't miss the borefield where the steam comes to the surface, and panoramic views of Wairakei Pink silica terraces.

Drive Around Great Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake and is surrounded by stunning scenery. We recommend driving the 193 kilometres around it’s perimeter and stopping at Turangi, Acacia Bay and Kinloch. Along the way you’ll discover volcanoes, native flora and fauna, and some great walks, swimming spots, fishing and boating.


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