Five Tips to Enjoy your Skydive

You're ready for your first tandem skydive? Here are some tips to make the most of it.

Five Tips to Enjoy your Tandem Skydive

  1. RELAX! Although it isn't every day you jump out of a plane, it is for us.  We have over 20  years of safe tandem skydiving and our staff are experts with thousands of jumps.  Don't worry you are in great hands with our team.  So breathe, relax, enjoy the magnificent views on your way up.
  2. BREATHE!  People tend to hold their breath as they exit the plane.  If you give a good shout out "Whoohoo!" it will help you to get your breath back.  Its fun for us too!
  3. SMILE!  If you have chosen our awesome video and photo package, you'll want a smile on your face as you star in your own adventure movie. Floating thousands of feet above the earth is magical so show off those pearly whites.
  4. ENJOY! You will be freefalling at 200kph for over a minute. Seeing the world from this perspective is eye opening-take a good look around and enjoy the feeling as you float above our paradise.  Your camera person will be happy to hold your hand and allow you to dock with another person in the air.  Truly a special moment you'll always remember.
  5. RELIVE! We'll edit your video just for you.  Pick a style of music and make it your own.  You'll be able to relive the experience over and over.  The best way to capture the incredible scenery and a unique view from above our photo package is second to none.  We highly recommend it.

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