Flights to Milford Sound

Scenic Flights to Milford Sound from Queenstown and Glenorchy

Scenic flights are available to Milford Sound from Queenstown and Glenorchy.  This is a great way to see and access Milford Sound as it allows easy access to the National park without the need for a long road journey.

The flight takes about 30-45 minutes from Queenstown as opposed to four or five hours by road.  Some companies offer flights via the glaciers on the way into Milford.

Once in Milford Sound there are many options such as Scenic cruises and the Underwater Observatory.  Flying allows you to go on the less crowded cruises in the morning or afternoon rather than in the middle of the day when the tour buses arrive.

If you do want to go one way by bus there are options to fly in or out one way.

Things to check when booking a flight into Milford:

  • Individual headsets and commentary provided.
  • Window seat guaranteed.
  • Flight via the glaciers