Fly fishing in Taranaki, New Zealand

The magnificent, picturesque, culturally rich region of Taranaki is also one of New Zealand's best kept fly fishing secrets.

Taranaki offers uncrowded fly fishing opportunities

The near perfect formed volcanic Mt Taranaki looms over a landscape of lush sub tropical rainforest, pretty green pastures and superb black sand beaches. The slopes of Mt Taranaki source over forty small to medium sized rivers and streams all within an hours drive from the small yet vibrant city of New Plymouth. These rivers and streams hold good stocks of brown and rainbow trout and provide excellent sight fishing opportunities for the angler.

The best time to fish in Taranaki is from early October to the end of April, which also coincides with many of the region's unique garden, art and music festivals including WOMAD.

The average trout size in Taranaki is 3-4 pounds, though many of the smaller streams hold surprising large fish. One of the best aspects of fishing in Taranaki is the unpressured and uncrowded nature of the fishery - it is very unlikely that you will encounter another angler on a day fishing, a rare thing in some regions of New Zealand these days.

The practice of catch and release is widely encouraged in the region to keep the fishery sustainable. Most of the rivers are accessed via farmland so obtaining permission from the local land owner is essential, as is letting people know your days intentions for obvious safety reasons.

Fishing Licence

In New Zealand you are required to carry a fresh water fishing licence. For fishing in the Taranaki region you can easily purchase this license online at the New Zealand Fish and Game website. 

Guide options

It is a good idea when first arriving in New Zealand to have a day fishing with a professional guide. A guide will help you learn the local effective fishing techniques, New Zealand fishing etiquette and take you to the best waters saving you time.

For more information on fly fishing in Taranaki, including guided trips and 'learn to fly fish' packages, visit the link on this page, Guided Fly Fishing Taranaki

Why Taranaki?

Taranaki is a region of action and art, wilderness and rolling green pastures and amazing black sand beaches. Whether you're here for the peace and tranquility of beautiful gardens, the wilderness experience of quality hikes in Mt Egmont National park or to surf a spectacular section of New Zealands coastline, Taranaki has it all.

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