Fly like Superman!

You take 35 danish students to NZONE SKYDIVE one saturday morning to celebrate one of the girls' 20th birthday... The party never stopped!!!

"The best birthday ever!!!" was shouted all over NZONE SKYDIVE's dropzone when Mathilde celebrated her 20th birthday with a 60 seconds freefall from 15.000 feet above Queenstown's beautiful scenery together with her 34 travelmates.

Everywhere you'd look there was happy, smiling faces after doing the tandem skydive experience at NZONE SKYDIVE. All the way from the shop to the dropzone we were taken very good care of by NZONE SKYDIVE staff.

Imagine 35, 20 year-old crazy danish people all excited to be doing a skydive? What an amazing day!!! Fly like Superman and feel like "The Boos" all on the day you turn 20? Need I say the party never stopped?!!