Franz Josef Glacier by helicopter. Why are all these heli-hikers smiling?

All these smiling faces can’t be wrong, glacier hiking is one of the best things you can do in New Zealand.

New Zealand is the home of glaciers.

Around 3,100 glaciers lie amongst the snowy alpine peaks of the Southern Alps, running the length of the South Island.

There are just 18 glaciers in the North Island, found on the active volcano Mt Ruapehu.

New Zealand’s tallest peak, Aoraki/Mt Cook, is home to the country’s biggest and highest glaciers.

Most glaciers in New Zealand are found high on snowy alpine peaks and virtually impossible to access unless you are an expert mountaineer.  But there are two glaciers that are easily accessible, so there’s no excuse not to include a glacier experience on your South Island itinerary.

The Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers on the West Coast are the country’s third and fourth largest glaciers respectively, and the country’s most famous glaciers attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Visitors to Glacier Country can take an easy walk along the valley floor for stunning views of both Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers.  But if you want the real glacier experience, you can’t go past a glacier heli-hike for a once in a lifetime opportunity to get amongst the ice.

Helicopter access onto the glacier means you’re flown directly to the “best bits” of the glacier.  Ice caves, crevasses and blue ice are all formations that can only be seen on the higher portions of the glacier.

And just for proof, here’s a collection of some of the best photos as taken by happy heli-hikers on their Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ trip.

All these smiling faces can’t be wrong.

The chance to combine a helicopter ride and a glacier hike is the ultimate travel bucket list item. 

If you want an amazing travel story to take home with you, combine a helicopter flight with a glacier trek and book a Glacier Heli Hike with Franz Josef Glacier Guides.

Why not add your smiling face to this collection? 

Visit Franz Josef Glacier Guides to find out about their full range of incredible glacier experiences.  

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