Free geothermal hot pools in Rotorua, New Zealand

Here is a great list of locations and secret spots where you can experience Rotorua's geothermal wonders at no extra cost.

Rotorua is known as New Zealand’s geothermal wonderland. Located squarely on the Pacific Rim of Fire, Rotorua has one of the world’s most accessible and active fields of geothermal activity. Visitors have been traveling to the area to witness the fascinating thermal activity for hundreds of years, not only because of the unique sights, but also because of the healing properties of the mineral water.

There are two types of mineral water that have been, and are still, used for health purposes in Rotorua. The alkaline waters are sedative and are used for their softening effect to relieve pain and reduce swelling in joints and tissues. The other is the acidic waters which are recommended in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

These waters have been helping people for many years and are naturally occurring in many of hot springs, boiling mud pools, erupting geysers, and colourful craters scattered around the area.

Due to the popularity of the thermal pools and the number of visitors to the Rotorua area, many of the thermal attractions and geothermal hot pools in Rotorua have now become commercialised, with a fee required for entry.

To avoid the extra cost yet still experience the geothermal wonderland that is Rotorua, here is a great list of locations and secret spots that you can enjoy.

Geothermal Activities and Foot Pools

Witness steam rising from the earth, boiling mud and crystal clear hot pools amidst stunning gardens in the middle of the city. There are geothermal foot pools where you can remove your shoes and soak your weary feet. Kuirau Park is located in central Rotorua and also has a fantastic playground for the kids to play on, which is all free to the public.

Experience Natural Geothermal Hot Pools

There are natural geothermal hot pools located only a short drive south of Rotorua.

Kerosene Creek – This is a small stream that flows downhill through a natural bush setting. There is a hot spring running in to a river and down a small water fall which naturally mixes the warm water with the cool.

Waiotapu Stream - Known to the locals as 'Hot and Cold' is another location where a hot stream converges with a cold one. The hot water upstream mixes perfectly with the cold water from the river downstream, so you are able to move around the stream to adjust your desired temperature.

Rotorua Accommodation with Geothermal Hot Pools

When booking accommodation it pays to stay somewhere which offers Rotorua’s unique geothermal benefits. Cleveland Motel offers guests use of two relaxing mineral hot pools on location for free. The motel also uses the geothermal activity to heat the rooms and also their great outdoor swimming pool. Cleveland Motel offers very affordable accommodation right in the heart of Rotorua just minutes from the city centre, Kuirau Park, Lake Rotorua, and many of Rotorua’s great attractions.