Get down, dirty & get the blood flowing. A guide to exercise on the road!

As much as you love driving you don't like the uncomfortable imprint your backside is making in the seat. Sorry, it's inevitable, you're driving!

Get down and dirty. Get the blood flowing.

You’ve been cruising along in your wheels of choice.  As much as you love driving, you definitely don’t like the uncomfortable imprint your backside is making in the seat. Sorry, it’s inevitable, you’re driving.

Awkwardly stiff legs and achy backs may be a side effect of touring around on a fun adventure for hours, but do not be dismayed, there is hope!

Next time you stop your snazzy ride for a fuel up (mental, physical, or purely for petrol), don’t let your inhibitions stop you, it’s time to strike a pose!

Here are some yoga poses that will help lengthen and open up all those achy, tight spots. Your lower back and hip flexors are begging you. Come on don’t be shy, do it for them.

High Plank to Downward Facing Dog


-Lengthens your spine.
-Stretches your hamstrings, calves, achilles tendon, shoulders, and spine.
-Strengthens your wrists, hands shoulders.
-Calms the mind (= less road rage. Phew.)
-Feels like you grew an extra inch!


-Plant your hands on the ground and come into a pushup position also known as high plank.
-Hands shoulder width apart and feet are hip width apart.
-Engage your core (the entire area wrapping from around the front of your abs to your back).
-Your body is in one long, straight line from heels to the crown of your head.
-From this high plank, keep hands and feet where they are and lift your tailbone to the sky in a downward facing dog.
-Reach heels towards ground, reach chest towards thighs.
-Now transition back and forth. Inhale to high plank. Exhale to downward facing dog.

Three-Legged Dog

-Hip openers are so yummy and highly needed after being in a seated position.
-Lift right leg high to the sky, allowing hips to open and rotate to the right side.
-Bend right knee.
-Even though hips rotate, try to keep shoulders squared off towards the ground.
-If you’re feeling super flexy, you can look for your right foot underneath your left armpit.
-Repeat on left side.

Bonus:  Add in a Tricep Pushup!

-While in High Plank, add tricep pushups for some upper body love.
-Elbows hug your side tightly as you lower down.
-Only lower to your elbow height to protect your shoulder joint.
-Avoid letting your hips dip too low.
-If this is too wild today, you can do these on your knees.

These awesome stretches and tips were brought to you by Jaime Komer is a certified yoga, pilates, and spin instructor, and an Olympic Silver Medalist in Water Polo. You might see her testing out her own crazy stretches while traversing New Zealand’s roads in JUCY’s Coco the Social Cabana campervan. Her most recent adventure is: The Sweaty New Zealand Challenge at

Lucy xx

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