Glamping at Hot Water Beach Top 10

Sarah Gallo, aka The Five Foot Traveler stayed at Hot Water Beach Top 10, and she thought it was pretty neat....

Located ten minutes away by foot from Hot Water Beach is the Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park. For a campground, Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park blew me away! There are fifty Top 10 Holiday Parks spread across New Zealand’s two islands, and now I can see why they are so successful.

Accommodation. Our deluxe cabins looked exceptionally unique and eco-friendly. For an industrial yet rustic feel, you will find the corrugated metal exterior and smooth wooden interior to be quite cozy. Equipped with a double bed, fan, desk, flatscreen TV, refrigerator, toaster, kettle, and dishware, this cabin is ideal. I could have curled up here for days. The property itself offers any type of accommodation that you could wish for from tent and caravan sites to standard cabins, deluxe cabins, ensuite cabins, and family cabins, to self-serving apartments and villas; no matter what your needs, Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park will pull through.

Ease of Access. On the property, you will find a walkway leading directly to the famous Hot Water Beach. It is extremely well-maintained – anyone of any age can walk this leveled path to the beach. Talk about convenient! If you are interested in bringing a shovel to make your own thermal pool, you can rent one at reception for about $5 NZD.

Facilities. In the center of the village one could find bathrooms, a kitchen, a common area, and a computer lounge. The bathrooms are spotless, which is quite impressive considering that it is a campground after all, and even have a hairdryer. As Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park tries to be as eco-friendly as possible, showers are kept to a timed five minutes. The kitchen is quite spacious, offering any dish ware or utensils that you might need. No need to worry about your cooking time overlapping with someone else’s – there is plenty of room and countertop space.

Kid-Friendliness. Behind the facilities complex, you can find a children’s playground and swing set, a bouncy trampoline, a basketball hoop, and a half-pipe for skateboarding.

Fish ’n’ Chips. Located behind the reception area, you will find Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park’s very own fast food joint. They offer french fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, fish ’n’ chips, and milkshakes to name a few. The prices are right and the portions are quite big. David and I enjoyed a nice, quick meal there before heading in for the night. 5FT Tip: We initially went around 5:45pm and the place was packed, so we returned around 7:45pm when it was quieter. Do keep in mind that it’s only open from 5:30pm-8pm though!