God Save The Clean

Where were you in the 1980s, when Dunedin bands rocked local and indie airwaves?

Inspired by the punk and new wave explosion of the late 1970s, The Clean and fellow Dunedin bands The Chills, The Verlaines, Straitjacket Fits, Sneaky Feelings and girl band Look Blue Go Purple thrilled a generation of fans with a string of knockout live acts and albums.

In his book 'Positively George Street', Sneaky Feelings frontman Matthew Bannister identifies the use of reverberation and 'drone' as two defining features of the so-called Dunedin Sound.

Many of the Dunedin bands signed with indie label Flying Nun - which was originally based in Christchurch.

The Clean effectively launched proceedings with the 1981 single 'Tally Ho!' and 1982 EP 'Boodle Boodle Boodle'.

This graffiti is on Burns Hall, Burlington Street - just one attraction on City Walks' eclectic Old Town walk.

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