Grand Designs

Why wait to live in your dream home when you can catch the Cook Strait ferry and rent a grand design or classic Kiwi bach.

Bach or crib, call it what you will, Kiwi holiday homes have an architectural heritage all of their own. Once typified by a simple fibrolite box filled with vintage furniture and incomplete board games, these days they’re just as likely to be a bold architectural statement deep in ‘conversation with its environment’.

Thanks to the cool service provided by our friends at Bookabach and, Kiwis have the opportunity to stay in these unique homes whenever they like!

Renting a bach has a range of benefits over staying in a hotel or motel. It’s perfect if you like to cook for yourself rather than eating out, you get a better feel for the area you’re visiting and, in some cases, you can even take your dog.

The other cool thing about this style of holiday accommodation is that it gives you the chance to experience modern living in an architectural masterpiece. Something many of us can’t afford to do with our own homes. So if you need a little downtime, why not catch the Cook Strait ferry to your very own Grand Design for a few days?

The Penthouse in Evan’s Bay is just a few minutes from downtown Wellington and the Wellington ferry terminal. Floor to ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the bay from every room while the huge outdoor living space is protected from the infamous Wellington ‘breeze’ by sliding shutters. It’s described on Bookabach as ‘contemporary luxury accommodation for the sophisticated traveller’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your pooch.

On the other side of Cook Strait and at the other end of the architectural spectrum is the Rose Cottage in Picton. This quaint old cottage is more of your ‘classic Kiwi bach’ – no frills but plenty of old-school charm. Bricked pathways and colonial furniture add to the cosy feel of this little gem nestled among large native trees. It’s a short drive to the ferry terminal but the thing young parents will love most is that toddlers stay free!

These are just two of hundreds of examples of the types of cool do-it-yourself accommodation options listed on Bookabach and Holiday

If you’ve found the ultimate bach and don’t mind telling the world where it is, let us know!