Hanmer Springs – New Zealand's Alpine Spa Village

Known as New Zealand's alpine spa village, Hanmer Springs has around a dozen spa and wellness services... it's the ultimate retreat.

Situated an enjoyable 90-minutes drive north of Christchurch, picture yourself relaxing and being pampered in one of the most stunning alpine vistas around.

Hanmer Springs has long attracted people looking for recovery and recuperation - it's where early Maori used to rest as they travelled across the South Island and where our soliders recovered after both World Wars. Nowadays, it is still a place people come to relax attracting more than half a million visitors every year, despite having less than a thousand residents.

For those wanting to unwind there are spa treatments, massage, holistic therapies and clinical services to really relax and take some time out.

Hanmer Springs has a laidback pace about it, nobody is in a rush and the spa treatments are rounded off with delicious local food on offer, and boutique shops to wander through.

There's a holiday vibe as soon as you drive over the Waiau Ferry Bridge, with the picuturesque Waiau River winding far below.


Massage is the most popular treatment offered in Hanmer Springs and there are all sorts of options to choose from.  It is home to experts in Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, hot stone and herbal ball massage along with specialist massage-based services including myofascial release and cranio sacral therapy.


There is a range of holistic therapies available in the village as well including reiki, pascha therapy and herbalism.

Clinical services are also on offer including chiropractory, acupuncture, botox and plasma-based therapies administered by a GP.

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