Harvest time on the Great Taste Trail

Summer is harvest time on the Great Taste Cycle Trail and this is the time to see Nelson at it's best.

The long hot summers of the Nelson Tasman region results in a plethora of seasonal offerings, grown locally. The summer harvest time on the Great Taste Trail begins around November, with the berries. Strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries and blueberries are all grown here and many berry gardens also serve soft-serve creamy berry icecream, served in a cone.

Apple orchards are also prevalent in the region, with the picking season starting in early March through to mid April. If doing a multi day ride, cyclists will have opportunities to pass through the heart of the apple country, located around Motueka on the Great Taste Trail Coastal Route. Apple country is particularly lively at this time of year, as travellers from around the world take up seasonal work as apple pickers. For those with less time, a day ride on the Great Taste Trail Rail Route is also an opportunity to cycle past apple orchards on the Waimea Plains

Early March is also hop harvest time. Nelson is the only place in NZ where hops are grown and cycling here at harvest time can smell very attractive. To experience cycling in the Nelson hop country, we recommend spending a day cycling in the area of Upper Moutere, which is an on-road detour from Mapua.  

For more information about cycling on the Great Taste Trail visit our website www.gentlecycling.co.nz

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