Hawke's Bay Cycle Trails set for summer!

With 187km of stunningly scenic, off road cycle trails now open Hawke's Bay is ready to welcome cycling enthusiasts to experience the regions latest 'gem'!

The ‘Hawke’s Bay Trails’ are almost completed and the region is proudly boasting 187km of stunningly scenic, off road cycle trails which they’re ready to share with the world! 

Comprising three ‘great rides’ - the ‘water ride’, the ‘landscapes ride’ and the ‘wineries ride’ - the Hawke’s Bay Trails form part of Nga Harenga, the N.Z. Cycle Trail and offers the North Island’s most extensive regional cycle trail network.  Graded ‘easy’ the flat terrain combines with the mild weather of the North Island’s East Coast to make the cycling great all year round. 

Each ‘great ride’ offers a unique Hawke’s Bay experience showcasing popular attractions alongside diverse scenery and coupled with great food and wine opportunities!  The water ride’ features the coastal promenade of Marine Parade, the river trails of the Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro rivers, where the limestone trails shimmer on top of the river stop-banks, and the D.O.C. managed Ahuriri Estuary which abounds with endangered wetland birds and wildlife.  

The ‘landscapes ride’ focuses on the Tuki Tuki river valley and the coastal communities of Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton. This route also comprises a section of the ‘Tuki Tuki Loop’, one of New Zealand’s ‘classic road rides’, and is a great option for cyclists keen to stray from the off road trails and stretch their legs on some gentle hills and remote, rural roads.

The ‘wineries ride’ is the latest addition to the network and takes cyclists around some of Hawke’s Bays best known wineries linked by a flat, off road trail for safe and scenic cycling.  The wineries ride is certainly destined to be a major drawcard for wine loving visitors looking for a fun day out amongst the vines!

Hawke’s Bay is already well set up to cater for the expected influx of ‘cycle tourists’ who’ll be heading their way to enjoy the trails.  Multi day, self guided tours are the perfect way to explore with accommodation bookings, luggage transport and well researched, suggested itineraries all taken care of.  Half and full day tours, or even casual bike hire, gives visitors short on time the chance to experience a favoured section of trail. 

Cycling in Hawke’s Bay’, a great new addition to New Zealand’s fine portfolio of active holiday options!

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